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appareil de mesure portable de terrain METRIX State at Delivery oscilloscope numerique portable METRIX

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local Chauvin Arnoux subsidiary


Handscope OX 5022 and OX 5042 oscilloscopes are delivered in 2 standard versions:

Version C: 1 oscilloscope delivered with 1 x 1/10 600 V probe, 1 BNC/banana adapter, 1 set of banana leads with test probes and crocodile clips, 1 mains adapter, 1 set of 6 NiMh AA batteries, 1 "hands-free" bag, 1 CD-Rom containing 1 operating manual and 1 programming manual.

Version CK: same as version C plus 1 optical USB cable and 1 CD-Rom containing the SX-METRO/P PC software and USB cable drivers.

Accessories & Replacement Parts

20 A AC/DC - 100 mV/A current clamp HX0102
C.A 1871 infrared temperature sensor P01651610Z
C.A 801 basic thermocouple adapter P01652401Z
C.A 803 differential thermocouple adapter P01652411Z
C.A 1711 tachometer P01102082
accessoires, equipement, oscilloscopes
marque metrix Chauvin Arnoux mini oscilloscopes portable METRIX